The Hundreds RSWD Five Year Anniversary

The Hundreds has been killing it with the clothing and web content for almost a decade now.  Last night marked the 5 year anniversary of their Rosewood store.  They celebrated the occasion with packed house of family, friends and supporters.  Smoke filled the air as motherfucking Jermaine Dupri spun throughout the night.

Asa Akira was in the house.  It’s always special standing next to someone you’ve watched have sex so many times.

Corey Populus.

Casey Veggies.

Tyler Major and Hal Williams.

Legohead might be responsible for the most epic photo of 2011.

Speak and El Prez.

Haven’t seen my boy Dorian (with the rude middle finger) in almost five years.  That’s when he moved to SF and started working for TH, and I moved to LA to do whatever the fuck it is I’m doing.  We used to get fucked up together when we lived in Santa Barbara back in the days.

One last Myspace picture for the bitchez.  Me, Lanier, Alex Spit.


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