Soul Assassins Radio x Maseo x Nocando

Headed over to Soul Assassins Radio last night to watch my pal Nocando utilize their microphone.  Soul Assassins Radio is a truly forward thinking cross platform new media show, utilizing live video stream, podcast, and satellite radio via Shade 45.  Ern Dogg and Mr. Choc were great dudes…gracious and polite hosts.

As soon as we walked in I fanned the fuck out.  Plug 3, muthafuggin Maseo was on the tables.  A true veteran party rocking DJ, he ripped through a set of De La staples and other Native Tongue bangers.

Just like our hosts, Maseo was a really fucking cool dude.  Very down to Earth and friendly.  So many artists get comfortable and act like assholes, tainting their idealistic legendary image after even a brief meeting.  Maseo was the complete opposite, I became an even bigger fan due to his demeanor.

What you see at home when you’re tuned in.

Then Jimmy hopped on the mic and killed it.  I didn’t get to hear it over the beat because it was all in headphones at that point, but Mas, Ern, and Choc were wildin’ so it must’ve sounded good over a beat too.

We headed over to the Doomtree show afterwards and ran into the big homie 2Mex.  Didn’t get a chance to shoot any of their show but just know they always do their thing.


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