MC Writing Workshop

Over the last month I’ve been teaching an MC Writing Workshop at the Bresee Foundation.  The class is for high school students interested in upping their bars.  It was surprising and exciting to learn that 20 students signed up to participate.  The class has been a wonderful experience.  It’s fun to wax poetic with the kids about the intricacies of writing raps.  I can ramble for days about the minutia of rhyme schemes and rhythms, so it’s nice to have an attentive audience that’s so hungry to learn.  It’s been inspiring to witness their progress as the end of the session draws near.

The early birds waiting for everyone else to show up.

This week’s assignment was writing and sharing a story rap with the class.  The topics ranged from silly and light-hearted to straight up tear-jerking, but every single student came prepared and shared.

We generally use the internet to play beats while they rap…some of the kids have producer friends already and have their beats loaded on the phone.

We have a no drug raps, no sex raps, no swearing policy.  Ryo always manages to finagle his way around the rules which generally leads to a good laugh.

Moshe has bars for days and he swears this class is his first time ever writing raps.


4 thoughts on “MC Writing Workshop

  1. make this for all ages!!!!!!! i’m 19 so i can’t join your festivities ever againn :/

  2. daniel taitano says:

    ^ i know right!

  3. linh says:

    i hope these kids know how lucky they are to have you instructing them.

    are they aware of your catalogue?

  4. khoi says:

    god i wish i lived in the LA area

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