Hip Hop Hike

Grieves and Budo are in California this week.  Before their show at the Troubadour Budo and Micah (their excellent sound man) headed out to the observatory with me for a hike.

Budo runs 7 miles a morning while on tour.  By this point up the hill I had already sweat through my shirt.  He was wearing a long sleeve denim shirt and didn’t even get the armpits sweaty.  That bastard.

A picture of a picture being taken.

More meta flicks.

The smoggy downtown cityscape.


After the hike we headed to lunch and met up with Sol and Dj Infared.

Then it was off to the show.  This is my old pal Murj and his pal Karen.

You guys were an awesome crowd.

Sol killing it.

Grieves Killing it.

In closing Budo is a rockstar.  We’re doing it all over again tonight in Santa Ana at the Constellation Room.  See you there!


3 thoughts on “Hip Hop Hike

  1. Miggs says:

    That was a bad ass show at the Troubadour!! Keep on making that Real Hip Hop!

  2. that day was great had so much fun you all were so good 🙂 i was too short to come out in that picture :c but you took 2 i think i came out on the other one cause someone carried me 🙂

  3. aww i was too short too comeout in that picture but you took 2! i cameout in the other one cause they carried me!!! ❤

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