It may seem a strange choice to make a video for a song that is now 3 years old. I agree, but Mark and I like this song and, after multiple attempts to make a video for it, we settled on this visual from Kyle Gray.

2013 was a busy year for me, but not necessarily musically. I started a new content portal and traveled a lot with my friend Dom for work. Kyle (unofficial 3rd member of Intuition & Equalibrum at this point) and I got off to a running start, releasing 2 videos in succession early in the year, but after some personal set backs and creative slumps we realized the rest of the year had flown by us and suddenly we’d put out no music videos since last march. Truth be told, we ran out of video budget, which happens with indie artists sometimes.

Now the Intuition & Equalibrum project is getting wrapped up.  All songs are recorded, sequencing will be finished tonight, and mixing has begun with mastering soon to follow.  We figured it was time to get the train rolling again with some videos, and what better song to choose than the first song we recorded that will end up on the album.

I remember making this song.  It was in July of 2010.  Mark and I had released Girls Like Me in January.  We’d promised after we released GLM we would immediately start working on a new project, but from January to July  we hadn’t done shit.  No beats, no raps, no nothing.  I was pretty down about it because we were repeating a pattern we’d established after releasing Stories About Nothing.

Then my friend Andrew Martin, formerly of Potholes in my Blog, asked if I would submit a song to a summer sampler they were working on.  Finally an excuse to get off of our asses and work on some new music.  I headed up to Santa Barbara to session with Mark.  Nothing was working.  We couldn’t settle on a beat or even a sample.  After some frustration he left to get a coffee.  I stayed at his computer and revisited a loop he’d made of a French guitar player with an interesting chord progression, and came up with the words “Look lazy me I know we had a fun run but complacency is coming undone.”  He got back, I explained the idea of writing a song about my deadly sins (laziness, negativity, stubborness, promiscuity, and jealousy) and he got excited.  I wrote the verse that day, and he built the slow building, melodic beat over the next couple days.

The song showed up on that sampler next to names like Danny Brown and Big K.R.I.T.  While our career trajectories may not have sky rocketed like theirs, we’re still here chipping away and that’s good enough for us.  With the release of our record finally seeming near, we’ve made the promise to each other to keep working on songs while we’re promoting this one, and hopefully we stick to it this time.

Not sure how far along I’ve gotten on bettering my bad habits, but at least I have this song to remind myself to keep working at it.  Thanks for listening.


2 thoughts on “DEAR JOHN

  1. Sean McSweeney (Sweeney Bergz) says:

    I can totally relate to these bad habits and I think this is a really good idea for a song. It’s cool that you provide this sorta background info…don’t be so hard on yourself man. Just because you didn’t crank out a bunch of music this year doesn’t mean you haven’t been busy in other avenues of life. These experiences are only gonna help you out in the long-run and give you more shit to write about in the future. Chin up homie. You’re 1 of my idols in music.

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