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Tees and Tanks

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Hip Hop Hike

Grieves and Budo are in California this week.  Before their show at the Troubadour Budo and Micah (their excellent sound man) headed out to the observatory with me for a hike.

Budo runs 7 miles a morning while on tour.  By this point up the hill I had already sweat through my shirt.  He was wearing a long sleeve denim shirt and didn’t even get the armpits sweaty.  That bastard.

A picture of a picture being taken.

More meta flicks.

The smoggy downtown cityscape.


After the hike we headed to lunch and met up with Sol and Dj Infared.

Then it was off to the show.  This is my old pal Murj and his pal Karen.

You guys were an awesome crowd.

Sol killing it.

Grieves Killing it.

In closing Budo is a rockstar.  We’re doing it all over again tonight in Santa Ana at the Constellation Room.  See you there!


Grieves, Budo, Sol & Me…

Hi guys.  Sorry I haven’t been updating, been traveling a lot to work and pay rent.  A lot of you asking about new music…it’s coming, I’m just not that guy that tweets about how hard he’s working in the studio and such.  Hope to see you at one of these gigs!


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Paid Dues 2012: The Quest For Dipset

Yesterday I headed to Paid Dues with Speak, Lanier, and Westside Ty.  My man Murs was nice enough to guest list me up with a VIP ticket (comes with access to a ballroom with no AC and a lot of wealthy young bumperheads), but we needed more:  we needed to be on stage with Dipset.

I started the day with one red wristband and promised myself that the first folks who asked to take a picture would end up on the blog.  Here they are, nice fellas.

These were the first folks that asked to get a picture with Speak.  One of them was a girl so he won.  At this point it was 3:00pm and I was already starting to sweat through my shirt in the 80˚ heat.  We were beginning to panic.  Would we ever make it backstage to the paradise land of free juice and groupies?

I went to check my man Macklemore, partly to escape the heat, and partly because his stage show is killing the game right now.  Best rap performer I’ve seen in many years, hands down.  I ran into his tour manager Tricia and she helped save my life by donating a couple of purple backstage wristbands (THANK YOU TRICIA!!!!).  These bands were good enough to get us onto the deck of the indoor stage, and back to the trailers…but alas, we needed more.

Backstage I ran into some rappers I appreciate, like Sean P and RA the Rugged Man.  A bunch of random shit happened…four hours passed and it was time to see 3 Six Mafia.  Their set was pretty close to the highlight of my day.  A bunch of the homies ended up on stage wildin’ out and if you follow me on Instagram (@itsintuition), you’d know I had a really good view.

Caught Juicy J and Mac Miller chopping it up after the 3 Six set.  Somehow after this was taken, we ended up getting wristbands for the stage Dipset was playing on from the Grouch’s mother of all people.  After convincing 5 security guards (that swore no one was allowed past the barriers) to let us past the barriers, we had finally made it to the promised land.



Odd Future meets Juelz Santana.

Oh yeah, this too.


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Reebok X Jonathan Mannion X Big Daddy Kane X DJ Quik

Last night Reebok and Milk Studios collaborated with photographer Jonathan Mannion to put together the best party I’ve been to so far in this young year.  Jonathan’s iconic hip hop imagery was prominently displayed in huge tack sharp prints, two legends of rap performed (Big Daddy Kane and DJ Quik), and Bushmill’s open bar got me drunk as fuck.  BDK is one of my all time favorites and this was my first time getting to see him perform.  Hearing him go into “Ain’t No Half Steppin” was just one of those moments for me.

Mannion has not only documented the scene over the years, seeing him onstage singing along to every word of BDK’s set, you can tell he’s also a huge fan.  Refreshing to see someone who’s been killing it for so long not be burnt out on the subject he covers.

The king overlooks his court.

The man of the hour posted in front of his flicks of Ice-T and Snoop.

The two hired guns of the party were posted on the wall next to eachother.


Mos Def and DMX.

ODB and Slick Rick.

DJ Quik did a little DJ’ing and a little rapping.

OG LA photographer Estevan Oriol.

Ran into the homie Thurz.

Anwar and Josh Peas in the place to be.

Avocado is a fucking weirdo.

Even the napkins were killing the game.


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The Hundreds RSWD Five Year Anniversary

The Hundreds has been killing it with the clothing and web content for almost a decade now.  Last night marked the 5 year anniversary of their Rosewood store.  They celebrated the occasion with packed house of family, friends and supporters.  Smoke filled the air as motherfucking Jermaine Dupri spun throughout the night.

Asa Akira was in the house.  It’s always special standing next to someone you’ve watched have sex so many times.

Corey Populus.

Casey Veggies.

Tyler Major and Hal Williams.

Legohead might be responsible for the most epic photo of 2011.

Speak and El Prez.

Haven’t seen my boy Dorian (with the rude middle finger) in almost five years.  That’s when he moved to SF and started working for TH, and I moved to LA to do whatever the fuck it is I’m doing.  We used to get fucked up together when we lived in Santa Barbara back in the days.

One last Myspace picture for the bitchez.  Me, Lanier, Alex Spit.


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