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Grieves, Budo, Sol & Me…

Hi guys.  Sorry I haven’t been updating, been traveling a lot to work and pay rent.  A lot of you asking about new music…it’s coming, I’m just not that guy that tweets about how hard he’s working in the studio and such.  Hope to see you at one of these gigs!


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Paid Dues 2012: The Quest For Dipset

Yesterday I headed to Paid Dues with Speak, Lanier, and Westside Ty.  My man Murs was nice enough to guest list me up with a VIP ticket (comes with access to a ballroom with no AC and a lot of wealthy young bumperheads), but we needed more:  we needed to be on stage with Dipset.

I started the day with one red wristband and promised myself that the first folks who asked to take a picture would end up on the blog.  Here they are, nice fellas.

These were the first folks that asked to get a picture with Speak.  One of them was a girl so he won.  At this point it was 3:00pm and I was already starting to sweat through my shirt in the 80˚ heat.  We were beginning to panic.  Would we ever make it backstage to the paradise land of free juice and groupies?

I went to check my man Macklemore, partly to escape the heat, and partly because his stage show is killing the game right now.  Best rap performer I’ve seen in many years, hands down.  I ran into his tour manager Tricia and she helped save my life by donating a couple of purple backstage wristbands (THANK YOU TRICIA!!!!).  These bands were good enough to get us onto the deck of the indoor stage, and back to the trailers…but alas, we needed more.

Backstage I ran into some rappers I appreciate, like Sean P and RA the Rugged Man.  A bunch of random shit happened…four hours passed and it was time to see 3 Six Mafia.  Their set was pretty close to the highlight of my day.  A bunch of the homies ended up on stage wildin’ out and if you follow me on Instagram (@itsintuition), you’d know I had a really good view.

Caught Juicy J and Mac Miller chopping it up after the 3 Six set.  Somehow after this was taken, we ended up getting wristbands for the stage Dipset was playing on from the Grouch’s mother of all people.  After convincing 5 security guards (that swore no one was allowed past the barriers) to let us past the barriers, we had finally made it to the promised land.



Odd Future meets Juelz Santana.

Oh yeah, this too.


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Allen Stone @ The Troubadour

Finally got to see my dude Allen Stone perform last night.  Ever since inviting him and the band to do THIS a few months ago, I’ve been patiently waiting to catch a full set.  It didn’t disappoint.  Allen absolutely wails and his stage presence is energetic, funky, soulful, and commanding.  The band rips and the fans respond appropriately (particularly during the dance off session during the middle of the set).  Catch this man in your area, but be quick because his shows sell out fast.


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This is a song Mark and I made that’s not going to end up on the next record.  Fun stories, both 100% true.  Please be sure to like / comment / subscribe on Youtube.


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Soul Assassins Radio x Maseo x Nocando

Headed over to Soul Assassins Radio last night to watch my pal Nocando utilize their microphone.  Soul Assassins Radio is a truly forward thinking cross platform new media show, utilizing live video stream, podcast, and satellite radio via Shade 45.  Ern Dogg and Mr. Choc were great dudes…gracious and polite hosts.

As soon as we walked in I fanned the fuck out.  Plug 3, muthafuggin Maseo was on the tables.  A true veteran party rocking DJ, he ripped through a set of De La staples and other Native Tongue bangers.

Just like our hosts, Maseo was a really fucking cool dude.  Very down to Earth and friendly.  So many artists get comfortable and act like assholes, tainting their idealistic legendary image after even a brief meeting.  Maseo was the complete opposite, I became an even bigger fan due to his demeanor.

What you see at home when you’re tuned in.

Then Jimmy hopped on the mic and killed it.  I didn’t get to hear it over the beat because it was all in headphones at that point, but Mas, Ern, and Choc were wildin’ so it must’ve sounded good over a beat too.

We headed over to the Doomtree show afterwards and ran into the big homie 2Mex.  Didn’t get a chance to shoot any of their show but just know they always do their thing.


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The Hundreds RSWD Five Year Anniversary

The Hundreds has been killing it with the clothing and web content for almost a decade now.  Last night marked the 5 year anniversary of their Rosewood store.  They celebrated the occasion with packed house of family, friends and supporters.  Smoke filled the air as motherfucking Jermaine Dupri spun throughout the night.

Asa Akira was in the house.  It’s always special standing next to someone you’ve watched have sex so many times.

Corey Populus.

Casey Veggies.

Tyler Major and Hal Williams.

Legohead might be responsible for the most epic photo of 2011.

Speak and El Prez.

Haven’t seen my boy Dorian (with the rude middle finger) in almost five years.  That’s when he moved to SF and started working for TH, and I moved to LA to do whatever the fuck it is I’m doing.  We used to get fucked up together when we lived in Santa Barbara back in the days.

One last Myspace picture for the bitchez.  Me, Lanier, Alex Spit.


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