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Reebok X Jonathan Mannion X Big Daddy Kane X DJ Quik

Last night Reebok and Milk Studios collaborated with photographer Jonathan Mannion to put together the best party I’ve been to so far in this young year.  Jonathan’s iconic hip hop imagery was prominently displayed in huge tack sharp prints, two legends of rap performed (Big Daddy Kane and DJ Quik), and Bushmill’s open bar got me drunk as fuck.  BDK is one of my all time favorites and this was my first time getting to see him perform.  Hearing him go into “Ain’t No Half Steppin” was just one of those moments for me.

Mannion has not only documented the scene over the years, seeing him onstage singing along to every word of BDK’s set, you can tell he’s also a huge fan.  Refreshing to see someone who’s been killing it for so long not be burnt out on the subject he covers.

The king overlooks his court.

The man of the hour posted in front of his flicks of Ice-T and Snoop.

The two hired guns of the party were posted on the wall next to eachother.


Mos Def and DMX.

ODB and Slick Rick.

DJ Quik did a little DJ’ing and a little rapping.

OG LA photographer Estevan Oriol.

Ran into the homie Thurz.

Anwar and Josh Peas in the place to be.

Avocado is a fucking weirdo.

Even the napkins were killing the game.


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