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Danny Brown @ Echoplex

The good folks at Check Yo Ponytail brought the “Adderall Admiral”, Danny Brown, to the Echoplex last night.  Danny might literally your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.  The Hybrid brought him to everyone’s attention in 2010 while his follow up  XXX ended up in everyone’s rap top 10 lists in 2011.  The Detroit native murdered the show last night with a concise set that saw him powering through a raucous playlist the crowd knew word for word.  Mini mosh pits, stage diving, and chin checks galore.

I only posted the above picture because the little dude with glasses jumped on stage, got way too friendly with Mr. Brown, eventually tried to snatch something out of Danny’s pocket and got socked and / or elbowed in the face before getting dragged off stage by his collar.  Fans:  be cooler.

The crowd looks kinda bored during Kid Sister‘s set.  Sorry Kid Sister, I thought you were pretty cool and I like your song about toenails.

Main Attrakionz are an up and coming group from Oakland.  I haven’t peeped much of their music yet but the blogosphere seems to like them.  Their set was energetic enough that I will check for them in the near future.

My favorite part of Main Attrakionz set was the (all male) group of overzealous fans that jumped on stage towards the end of the set.  There’s something heartwarming about goofy white dudes awkwardly dancing and singing along with every word while trying to simultaneously censor the N-word on the fly.


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